Short sweet and to the point. I got two tattoos lastnight. My first actually. I know a lot of people don’t like tattoos, and that’s fine, but I’m glad I got mine.

Without further ado:

left arm

right arm


It hurt but I’m a wimp so don’t go by me. Next?

Nice. Good clean lines and even color tones, which can be tricky in solid blocks like that.

Can I ask why you didn’t have white ink put in the “white” parts? See how it heals - if you end up with any raised scaring, it might look funny with perfect skintone flatness in the middle there. You can have it filled in with white later, if you like.

link to pics of white ink tattoos

I asked the guy about filling in with white but he said that white ink can become blotchy and just overall didn’t recommend it.

Fair enough. I haven’t seen any white that’s more than 3 years old, so I can’t really comment on its longevity.