Ouchy the Clown

Need a clown? Ouchy can help.

“Your premier provider of adult clown services.”

Thanks, Siam Sam, now I have a billing address for the therapy costs.

Can we get a NSFW here?

And a NSFSighted People, while we’re at it.
{twitch} {shudder}

Dear Og, I closed that browser window but I can still see it!!!

Meeting facilitator?!? There must be some agenda at the ones he attends…
He looks cold–he needs a sweater. Clowns bore me (they used to scare me. Perhaps by the time I die, I won’t notice them at all).

Nightmares for weeks.

Have you seen the shaving page?! Dear fuck. NSFW!!!

If a man or woman is professional and going to wear that little they need to work out to a minimum of reasaonable buffness…or pik a postion that doesnt show flab…

I never have nightmares, but I’ll bet I do now!

I can’t even begin to imagine this type of sheer fright!

A scary clown…

Shaving my girly-bits…
::shudders and breaks into a cold-sweat::

With a straight razor?!
*:: passes out:: *

nonacetone: At the end, does he stick a clown nose on your clitoris? Maybe draw clown lips around your labia?

(I am a terrible, terrible man.)

I’ve removed the link to poor Ouchy’s site because of its NSFW nature. Unfortunately, without it, there’s not much of a thread; so, I’ll go ahead and close this.

Siam Sam (or anyone else), you are welcome to start a new thread about the same site; just be sure to follow the “two-click” rule when linking to it. Also, be sure to warn folks it’s a NSFW page.

ETA: Oops, should have included this the first time: I’d have added the NSFW link myself by making it non-clickable, but we, as mods, have been instructed not to add/change existing text with very few exceptions. Such as, for example, removing NSFW links, or removing excess lyrics in cases of copyright infringement. So, yeah, the easiest thing to do is to add the link back in; however, that’s what we’re not suppose to do, so I tried to make it clear that anyone can start a new thread about the same subject. The closing of the thread certainly isn’t a punishment of any sort for Siam Sam.