Our accepting society

Since when has it been worse to condemn somebody than to hold a wrong opion. It seems like now-a-days people are so worried about stepping on other peoples toes that they don’t get to voice an opion themselves. When they do finally open up they are condemned as ignorant, or shallow, or primitive. I hate the fact that I can’t hold an opion about something without worrying if I am going to step on somebody else’s toes. Well I am going to hold my opions whether they are politically correct or not. I mean come on with all this insane affiliations and clubs and organization I can’t stand it and standing up for what feels good, that is bull, its bull that somebody can’t also take a stand and say no thats stupid without being cast out of society.

Can I have an opion? Sounds tasty.

Yes we can all have opions, even when those opions contridict or down right reject others. Thats the beauty of our freedom of speech.


First off,
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Maybe appearances are deceiving and what seems so- “[that] people are so worried about stepping on other peoples toes that they don’t get to voice an opion”- isn’t really so. Do you have anything more specific that you’re referring to. it might help if you were to provide some of what has led you to this conclusion.

Sometimes, in fact people do hold opinions that are based on a lack of relevant knowledge- ignorance. Shallow and primitive are more subjective judgements. These two are more likely to be mere perjoratives.

What are you referring to here?

Could you explain? What you mean here isn’t very clear.

As far as I can tell, many people say, “No, thats stupid,” very often and still coinsidered members of society. What exactly are you talking about?

Easy there. Why don’t you cut some of your infinite slack for Mr. Lodge here?
If you have to ask for an opion, you may not have one. Besides, they’re not done cooking yet.

john lodge, you may be operating on the assumption that just because a person accepts something you or a certain group of people don’t accept, he or she accepts anything. I’m pretty open around here in my acceptance of homosexuality, and, indeed, I’m thrilled that an old friend of mine recently celebrated his 10th anniversary with the man he loves. I do not, however, accept or tolerate cruelty. As a so-called “liberal Christian”, I’ve been accused of being willing to put up with anything. I’m not. I accept that someone and I disagree on something, but I do not accept that person’s insulting those who disagree with him or her.

Like other folks around here, I would be interested in more specifics.


Well if you have ever studied or so much as read God’s word or his law then I think your views would be changed a little bit. And there is no such thing as a “liberal Christian” thats like a luke warm Christian. But seeing as how I don’t know you I don’t want make a character judgement so I will leave it at that.

Aha! the truth starts to be revealed.

I love this particular construction of phrase; it’s like when people say “I would call you a raving fuckwit, but I won’t”

I am not liberal by my standards. My faith is focussed on that which Christ, Himself, told us “all the law and the prophets” depend. By the Commandment which He gave us, cruelty is, to me, clearly and unambiguously wrong, sinful, and offensive. I am an uncommon Christian; I have no trouble admitting that. I am, however, well schooled in God’s Word and Law, and have spent a great deal of time proclaiming that Word and Law throughout my life. Don’t believe me? Do a search on my name right here in Great Debates. I have about as personal a relationship with God as you can get (He’s been known to interfere in my love life!), and my faith and my service to Him are absolute. As I said, that some things are unacceptable to you, I understand and respect. In return, I also ask that you understand that certain things are unacceptable to me, and that even those who differ might indeed serve God. Just as a hand and foot do different things and serve different functions, so might those whose paths appear to differ serve the Body of Christ.


But to answer your original question; it isn’t possible to have a problem with someone else’s opinion - how can you tell what another person is thinking?

The problem (for you) arises when you start to express your opinions, but again, there’s this freedom of speech thing, so you can (with certain quite sensible exceptions) say pretty much anything you please, but then so can everybody else, including saying what they think about what you just said and what they think of you for saying it, but you also have the right to reply and so on. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to say what you want and make sure everybody else stays shut up about it.

What is the acceptable alternative? Can you suggest one?

I’m never afraid to express an opinion, even if it turns out that I’m dead wrong.

One should never fear having their beliefs challenged, unless, of course, they’re afraid they might be persuaded.

Personally, I welcome people challenging, debating, and poking holes in my beliefs. It makes me think about an issue more deeply, and helps me to explore all sides of it. I like learning new things, and my beliefs and opinions are always changing to reflect what I’ve learned.

It’s called “political correctness.”

I don’t practice it.