Our means of thought is destructive

Could you rephrase the OP?


For those who are keeping score, I’ve closed the two clones of this in Cafe Society and MPSIMS, but am leaving this one open. (A GD mod, of course, may come along later and close it.)

Looks like y’all are handling things pretty well in here, though.

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To the OP: do you have an actual topic for debate? Or are you just seeking feedback on your prose poem?

Stated a little bit more directly: you’ll find this board a receptive forum for serious, straightforward discussion; you won’t find much of a welcome for exercises in selfcongratulatory indirection.

Speak like a real person in a real conversation, and you’ll get a serious response on what looks like it must be (though it’s hard to tell) a subject that’s important to you.

If you’re looking for debate, start a debate. If you’re looking for a poetry slam, you missed your exit.

Are you implying that this is a debate, as opposed to being “mindless” and “pointless”?

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The OP reads as the Tao Te Ching might of read, had Laozi wrote it while on a bad acid trip.

We must have a look at Paul Atreides…on Caladan.

GD is also for witnessing… and the OP appears to be arguing for (or claiming at least) a form of post-modern animism where the plastic shopping bags are sentient.

We must have a look at PAUL Atreides…on CALADAN.


Dune…Arrakis…desert planet…things moving…

We must have a look at Paul Atreides, on Caladan.

I miss the guy who used to grapeify everything.:frowning:

We must have a look at Paul Atreides…on Caladan.

I think this is an argument against the legalization of hemp.

I just want to take this opportunity to say, we must have a look at Paul Atreides…on Caladan.

And yet you posted this?
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TM: You may have fun with this for a few more hours.

Look, here’s how it is. Several hundred years from now, if man is still alive…if woman, for that matter, can survive…they might find some very strange things. A thousand years later, it’s likely that we will tell neither the truth nor the lies; none of our opinions will truly be our own because we will consume pills which influence our minds, freeing us from the obligation to have original thoughts. A thousand more years later, our dietary habits will have changed to the point that we won’t even need our teeth to chew the “food” which we consume for nutrition; in fact, we might not even need our eyes either, since we will see through virtual optic lenses. One thousand more years into the future, it’s likely that what we now know as courtship and mating practices will no longer exist. We’ll have no reason to pick a husband or wife; instead, we will be able to choose our offspring via artificial fertilization, with a long glass tube. In a thousand more years, if we’re even still around, God might look at us and decide it’s time for the judgment day. If so, a millennium later, God will either be impressed with the technological progress mankind has made, or be so disappointed in our overreliance on our artificial creations that He will bring judgment upon us. Hell, a thousand years after that, I don’t even know if man is still going to be alive. We’ve depleted so many of our natural resources, and we’ve put back very little.

Dude, that would make an awesome song. You should, you know, like, name the years or something. :smiley: