Our Moon

Jupiter has names for its Moons. What is the name of our Moon ?

Our moon is named Luna (the root for words such as lunatic and lunacy).

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The earth’s satellite is the Moon (with a capital M). Jupiter doesn’t have “Moons”, it has “moons” or “natural satellites”.

To hear the Moon’s true name, you’ll need to enlist the help of a pack of wolves.

Unfortunately this name cannot be pronounced by humans, nor does it transliterate very well in the Latin alphabet.

But can you dance to it?


I normally call it Selwyn- after my father. It has a nice ring to it .


I’m pretty sure from your description that you’re actually thinking about Saturn, not the Earth’s moon.

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“Tha Moooon”

Calling our moon “The Moon” seems a little egocentric to me.

Our moon has been the moon for most of our existance. It seems a bit silly to rename it just because we suddenly realize that it’s not unique.

I shall call it Bob.

I will call it George.

Give me TWO things that is a reference to, and you can spend Friday Evening with me. (Provided you are a young lady)

Don’t forget Selene.

I used to have a friend named George but he don’t move no more.
I call him George because I can’t say Sylvester.
link I forgot to add: Selene

“I will call him George, and I will hug him and stroke him…”

It is not our moon. It is the moon. Welcome to the board and that was a superb question.

According to proper grammar, the Moon should NOT be capitalized. The only time I have noticed it as such is in astronomy publications. Being an amateur astronomer, I happen to capitalize it and I also feel that this should be the rule for ALL usages. (The same applies for the Sun too).

Why? It’s our language.