I’ve been doing some research on roundabouts and came across an unusually shaped one in Boise. Locally, they call it a dog bone roundabout because of its shape. Also, there’s a proposal for a similarly shaped one in Cambridge MA which they call a peanutabout. I don’t know if they’ve accepted this solution or not.

Are irregular-shape-abouts such as these common? The Kittelson page suggests they may be common in Europe. Is that right? If not, what other irregular-shape-abouts are there?
[Preemptive strike: No, don’t tell me about the Swindon Magic Roundabout. I already know about it and it’s not what I’m looking for. It’s not irregular enough. But someone always brings it up whenever we talk about roundabouts. Consider it done for this thread.]

Here’s an oval with a dent in one side and here’s a rounded square.

I don’t think either of those are what are usually considered roundabouts.

nevermind, link didn’t work

they are not.

Tulsa has had this round roundabout for as long as I can remember. 1955 I remember it and it could be much older.

I know, it is not:cool: out of round but it is old and in Oklahoma so that makes it special…

Old one in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I see two freeway interchanges. The latter looks mostly like a SPUI Single-point urban interchange - Wikipedia. Which, whatever else it may be, is absolutely not a roundabout.

Detroit has an interestimate loop arounD Campus Martius.It not really a roundabout because it has tons of lights. It’s kind of an artifact of the old hexgrid downtown was originally built it.

You know, the words will make you out ‘n’ out. :confused:

Here’s the one I tried to link yesterday.

Looks like a maxi-pad

I would just like to take moment to blame my phone’s tiny keyboard, and randomly applied spellcheck for that post. Interestimate? How the hell did it correct “interesting” into that?

Interestimate–I like it! An interesting estimate. Neat.

Yes indeed.


Another one from the US, though. I’m somewhat surprised no one’s produced one or more from Europe or elsewhere.

I was wondering the same thing. Shouldn’t spellcheck only substitute words that are in its wordlist?

I suspect these in the US are after-the-fact solutions to problem intersections and as such require an unusual shape. I would bet that in Europe, the areas with “traffic circles” (as their known here) are planned in advance for the more common circular shape.

They’re both. :slight_smile:

Yes, but you forgot that phones “learn” these days. With the right combo of settings, every misspelling that you don’t immediately correct gets remembered as correct for later.

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Argh!!! Modern “artificial intelligence” proves to be artificial stupidity instead. Again.

There’s no way to directly edit the dictionary of learned words. So I’m long-pressing each learned typo as I see them then selecting “forget learned word”, “OK”, “yes I’m sure.” One after another through dozens and dozens.

Eventually it’ll be cleaned out. Maybe.

Cambridge seems to be planning a variant of the double roundabout. Here’s a double mini roundabout.

St. Augustine, FL, was planning a true double roundabout. That’s from two years ago.

Chelmsford MA
Lots of town centers have one way traffic around the town green with odd shapes.

LSLGuy, you’ve got another problem: you mis-typed “bunped.” :eek: