Out of the Park Recruitment - Owners Needed

Some of the dopers and such have, for a while, played Out of the Park baseball. In it we operate as general managers and manage fictional players at the Major League, AAA, AA, and A levels.

We play OOTP 6.5 and I think it’s a blast. The time commitment isn’t great…possibly as little as 10-15 minutes per week. Our league, the Overeducated League (OEL) got through its inaugural season in about 3-4 months so we’re hoping to get three in per calendar year.

Sadly, two of our initial owners were not Doper or brought in by knowing Dopers. And both of them left us after this season. So we’re looking for two owners to take over these teams:

The Boston Red Sox

The Shelbyville Isotopes

Playing will require the purchase of the game if you don’t already have it. Cost is something like $25 or so.

It’s a fun game and a fun league. Questions can be addressed in this thread or to me directly at the email address in the profile.

I’d probably be willing to step in - what’s the sim schedule like? You must be going a bit faster than Zev’s league, I’d guess…
And am I reading it right? Was there a 153 game schedule last year?
(In case you’re not sure, I’m New York in Zev’s league).


To all, positions are filled. Thanks!