Out of town guests

A friend mentioned that he had out-of-town guests that arrived at his domicile yesterday. This led to a discussion of what defines out- of-town guests. We decided that it would be defined as a person or persons who live at least 2 hours away whether they stay overnite or not. What do you think would be the best definition? …certainly not a family or person who lives in a town 1/2 hour away.

I think you should have to go through something to be considered an out-of-town guest. Either through a large city, or an expanse of farmland, or a mountain pass. Travel over water should only count if it’s a long trip, like an hour or more. This could be expanded to include going through a transportation terminal, be it air, train or bus (bleh). If you have to travel by air or train, you’re from out-of-town (and probably from out-of-state.)

BTW, is this topic mundane & pointless enough for MPSIMS?

How would you classify this one: My sister is only about an hour away, but I do have to drive past cows on the way. Is that “out-of-town” or not?

(I’ve always considered that “out-of-town” and yet, my brother, who lives about the same distance away, is not, because no cows are involved…)

Does frequency of visits play a part?
…If someone visits one from Santa Barbara to Thousand oaks= @one hour away twice a year, they might be considered out of town guests…but what if they drop by twice a week? (other than being a nuisance).