Outlook Express annoyance

About every three days the following message comes up from my email program Outlook Express:

“To free up disk space, Outlook Express can compact messages. This may take up to a few minutes.” Then I have the option to cancel or say OK, at which time it will take up to ten or fifteen minutes to perform the compaction. If Cancel is chosen, OE will ask this same god-damned question each and every time I subsequently use it.

Now, I’ve got about sixteen brazillion megabytes of disk space, and my entire twenty years of emails probably wouldn’t make a dent in it. How can I dissable this message from OE? It’s really irritating as Hell - I hate a nagging computer.

May I ask several favors from the Board.

  1. Please don’t suggest I go over to Firefox, etc. I’m perfectly happy with IE6.

  2. Please don’t suggest that I get a new email program. Except for the above, OE is quite satisfactory.

Within those constraints, anybody out there have any advice? Thanks in advance.

This is a function of how Outlook Express stores emails in the database.

Some background info:

A detailed explanation of why you cannot disable compacting (but maybe change the message interval, or make it run in background):

In my experience, in only takes a few seconds at most.

I’m not going to suggest you change programs but I did want to advise you that microsoft no longer supports OE so if it starts acting up you will have to change over to their new one which is called Live Mail. For reasons I could never figure out I could no longer get my OE to send email and that included installing the last known version of it. And as another FYI, Live Mail sets up it’s own database so you need to use OE to open your old emails or (if they’re compatable) redirect the file location.

Thanks, guys. That’s quite a bit to digest but I’m going to try the most applicable ones. Wish me luck, and thanks again.