Outputting .Avi as a .Wav or MP3?

Well, the subject pretty much says it all. Is there a program which can open an avi and save its audio as its own, separate file? Thanks.


Thanks, but I found that program overly confusing. Are there any other ones that might get the job done?


dbpoweramp music converter

The simplest and best I’ve seen. Just right click the file in explorer, and choose “CONVERT”.

really any recording program you have on your computer will work. Likely your sound card software has a recorder. Typically they save to wav, but many offer conversion to mp3 also.
The only drawback really is that you have to record while you play the avi rather than simply stripping out the audio from the file.
If you want to just strip the whole audio out, you should look for an avi editor. many of them do exactly that. I think even microsoft offers a free avi/mpg/wma editing/conversion program free on their windows media pages.

I agree Besweet is not very user friendly but maybe I can help you do it. You can use it from a command line or from the GUI. From a command line the template would be :

“c:\Program Files\Gordian Knot\BeSweet.exe” -core( -input “c:\Files\File9.avi” -output “c:\Files\File9.wav” )

Just put that in a Text file mutatis mutandi, give it a BAT extension and run it.

c:\Program Files\Gordian Knot\BeSweet.exe"
is the path to the besweet program

is the path to the Avi file

is the path to the output file you want to create

Well, I tried your method, but it told me I needed to download a new codec for the .avi. However, I couldn’t find any suitable codecs on their website, so I’m stumped.

I’m sorry Duderdude2, I misread your question, didn’t see you wanted to convert from .avi. My apologies.

I believe Discreet Cleaner will do this, but it’s not inexpensive.