Outrage By Proxy: Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people

This is not my work, this is not my outrage, however I was recently linked to a blog post that would, well, make an excellent Pit OP. So in lieu of this wonderful writer having an SDMB account, I would like to act as his proxy to give this post the thread it deserves – so it can stand as the great Pit OP it was meant to be.

Some highlights:

You may now commence joining in on his well written pitting of the Republican party, or outrage against the stupidity of his points, or I suppose even pile on me for having the audacity/stupidity to link somebody else’s blog post just to agree with it in the pit – whichever suits you.

As immigration, both legal and illegal, persists, and as the US becomes better educated, and as women gain more power in society, it’s no shock that the views of uneducated older white men are becoming less represented in elected government.

Eh. He clearly had fun writing it, but it’s basically another sermon to the choir.

You know who’s also a Mayflower descendant? :smiley:



Congratulations. Call us back when you’ve made your first ten million. Until then, you’re overeducated, underproductive libby-lib-libs. And I’ll bet you don’t despise laziness enough to fire a mother of four for punching in ten minutes late, Mister Libby Pants Analyst Guy.

You’re right about the meanness, though. Meanness gave the White man land in the west. It built industrial empires. It won wars both hot and cold. Mean men built this nation and mean men keep it safe and strong. And as long as we are good to our families and people like us most of the time and go to church Sundays, we will be forgiven.

Because this is our country, we mean White men. You who indulge the luxury of not being mean depend on those of us who are. I would rather you just said thank you.

Due to that blog I am slightly less offended by people who consider me a ‘white’ man.

Says the person who drank more Code Reds than anyone else here.

It isn’t about any of this meanness or who can run a war or anything else. It’s about the simple fact that the modern GOP has very little idea of how to appeal to the people who are going to be a simple numerical majority sooner rather than later. Mourning the Passing Race is not going to help; getting mean about people who outnumber you is going to go even worse.

fingers crossed that this is a woosh.

Of course. What true conservative would ever flat-out admit to being mean?

That was brilliant.

It’s one thing to be conservative. It’s another to seem determined to be wrong in every possible way.

sorry, that’s always the answer to the “you know who also…” :smiley:

… and they DON’T know how to run a war.

I did not know about these cards - where can I get one? What do they cost?

Judging from Romney supporters, I’d guess it costs about 50 points of IQ.

You know who also answered questions with “Hitler*!”*?

I don’t know, but I heard you’ll need one to vote soon.

Franz Liebkind?

Only in elections. The blacks still have America’s Got Talent.