Oval white pill

I am looking for an online photograph of a nicorette mini lozenge, 4 mg size. It is a white oval pill. I cannot find one through google. Can someone help me?

The closest thing I found was this. It is a picture of the box with one of the pills lying in front of it.


Yeah, I found that picture too. I was looking more for one that showed the lozenge in a way the displayed any scoring or markings as well.

Try Drugs.com’s Pill Identifier.

CMC fnord!

Tried that. It does not produce an image of nicorette mini lozenges.

Nicorette mini lozengesare white-to-off-white, unscored oval tablets. The 2mg tablet is imprinted with the letter M and the 4mg with the letter F.

ETA: No better image than the one you already have, but I presume all the marketing images are the same without indicating the “M” or “F”.