Ovary transplant - twins children now siblings?

I thought this story was interesting. For those not reading the article, ovarian tissie was taken from one identical twin sister and transplanted into the other twin who was infertile. The recipient twin had a baby a year later. Apparently this has been done sucessfully a few times with identical twin sisters and once with a woman’s own ovarian tissue that had been frozen. This made me wonder if the subsequent children of each sister would actually be half-siblings of their cousins?

As I understand it, identical twins have identical DNA, or at least it cannot be distinguished by any method currently available. So would that mean that normally cousins of identical twin mothers would actually be genetically half-siblings?
The other interesting thing to me was that the ovary recipient sister went through menopause at 14!

(Assmuming they have different fathers)
Biologically, they will be as similar as two different children of the same mother, but they would have been anyway - the identical twin mothers are genetically the same anyway.

So biologically, they will be indistinguishable from half-siblings. But as I say, that would have been the case if both mothers had simply been fertile to begin with.

Legally, they are cousins.