oven temps

What’s the minimum and maximum tempature settings for a standard home oven?

225 F - 500 F more or less. 850 F if you want to count self-cleaning mode.


You’re not going to find a “standard”. You might well find typical values once enough of us post anecdote.

Mine is 170F to 500F. And who-knows-what in self-cleaning mode.

my convection microwave goes from 225 to 450 - but it’s limited by a 120v wall plug.

My GE electric oven made in 1995 is 170-500 and that is fairly typical, but as mentioned there is no standard.

Anecdata: My father once, faced with urgent baking needs, a broken oven thermostat, and a fancy digital thermometer, accidentally baked a pan of brownies at 350° centigrade, which works out to about 662°F. He had a hell of a time getting the oven to stay hot enough, but it can be done.

ETA: this was on a mid- or late-80’s vintage electric oven.