Overhead Fixture Problem

I don’t know if this belongs here, in The Barn House, or MPSIMS, but I hope one of you can help me, as it’s perplexing.

Recently the overhead light fixture in our office began to hesitate before coming on when we flipped the switch. Then it stopped coming on entirely.

First I checked the circuit breakers: none of them had been tripped.

I replaced the bulbs: no joy.

Then I went to Home Depot and bought a new fixture and replaced the old one with it. Nothing. There was no ground wire, but there had never been a ground wire, so I don’t think that could be the problem. All the other wires attached normally, color for color.

Next I climbed up into the attic and examined the wires at and near the junction from the other side. I couldn’t find any problems…no parts, no wires chewed by vermin…nothing.

Every other electrical feature of the room is still working.

Any ideas, folks? Thanks!

Replace the switch.

ETA: Assuming the switch is for that single light fixture only.

That was what I was gong to say.

Yep, soundsl like the switch has gone bad.

Troubleshooting electrical stuff is easier with a multimeter. Instead of replacing things one by one, find out what is bad and replace it. But the switch needs replaced. :wink:

toggle switches, the usual flip lever kind, do deteriorate. one common way is that the connection time slows and can stop, the spring and surface of the contacts can do that.

It was the switch! Thanks everyone!