Overheard in the Natural History Museum

A woman was pointing out a toothed whale to her ~4-year-old son and said “When sharks were dinosaurs, that’s what they looked like.”

Challenge: come up with a single sentence as wrong as that.

Sir Frances Drake fought off the Spanish Armada off the coast of Virginia because Spain was jealous of England’s colonies.

This was said by a college professor.

Ben Franklin fought the Russians in the South Pacific so that we could celebrate Fireworks Day.

Cleopatra committed suicide by holding a beast to her ass.

Edit: Possibly NSFW. (Cartoon breasts.)

The people running the museum share the “it’s taking longer than we thought” feeling, for sure…

If Harpo had spoken up at the time the world would be a Marxist paradise.

I’m fond of this one Asimovian and I overheard at a museum display of Egyptian funerary art:
“How did the Egyptians know there was an afterlife? Jesus wasn’t born yet.”

Every hotel room I’ve ever stayed in has a book full of em!

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

More likely the “get the large polo mallet” feeling.

I was wandering around Best Buy (years ago) and was kinda eavesdropping on a salesperson selling someone a Home Theater in a box or something like that. I almost stepping in when he said “You’re going to need to get the S-Video* cables to get the surround sound to work”. To this day, I wonder if he just misspoke or if he had no idea what he was talking about or if he was just trying to sell them a handful of S-Video cables.
Most people assume he was just trying to sell them more cables, but then why not say something plausible like “If you want the better video, you should upgrade from composite (RCA) to S-Video cables wherever you can”.
*S-Video being top of the line video should tell you how long ago this was.

My wife and I were listening to The Edlos, an a capella group from California, singing “In My Room.”

She said, “These guys are really great; I wonder how they’d sound singing a Beach Boys song?”

This is not the correct thread for a drive-by anti-Christian potshot.

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Spirits that I called… I think I sprained something from all the cringing I just did. The last one was particularly apropos!

We had our then-toddler at the zoo near the giraffe exhibit. Some woman nearby excitedly exclaimed “He’d make a great basketball player!!!”

Yeah, I know she was referring to the animal’s height, but it was so stupid and wrong on so many levels…

Um, what is the correct forum then?

Just curious anything about megladons in that museum ?

The Forum at the Colosseum with the Lion Pit.

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