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I am looking to purchase Klonopin on one of these sites. I had gotten some good advice from dopers in the past, but when I went to my usual site, they did not sell this drug. The good thing about it was that there was no monthly fee to buy things from them and all of the sites that DO have the drug require you to pay as much as $40 a month just for using the site. This seems sleazy but they are the only ones who will sell it. Are these sites that want you to pay legitimate? Do you
know of any of these sites that do sell Klonopin or its generic version and do not require payment just to use them? ? Thank you

Buying scheduled meds, of which Klonopin is one (C-IV in most states) from a foreign country is illegal. There is no allowance for “90 day personal use” or anything else unless you have the authority and proper paperwork to do so. A prescription written in the US doesn’t mean jack shit to customs. It’s illegal, period.

Having said that, the answer to your question is yes, it’s possible to order such meds overseas for personal use without having pay a membership fee. The hard part is finding someone who knows the right sites from which to order. Again, it’s still illegal and sometimes Customs catches these packages coming in. Usually the worst that will happen is that you’ll receive a letter saying that importing meds is dangerous and illegal, and your package has been confiscated and will be destroyed unless you can provide proof that you have the legal right to their delivery. If you’re ordering a shitload, even for personal use, it can get stickier for at that point they assume that you’re trafficking and you get much more than a seizure letter…like a visit from some nice government DEA agents who’d like to converse with you.

It’s possible, but being illegal it’s not without risk. Be careful.

Well, I had no idea that these drugs were so hard to get this way. What about the sites that want you to pay a monthly fee? Does that mean that they are not legit, or are you paying for their ability to go thru certain ‘special’ channels?
Well, if anyone knows any way to do this, I figured I’d find them on this site.
Thanx for your reply.

How does one get the authority and proper paperwork?

By being a legitimate pharmaceutical distributor who imports drugs produced overseas, authorized by the FDA.

Any site that wants you to pay a monthly fee is making easy money from people who haven’t scoured search engines for the last ten years. The sites are out there but generally don’t come up on a search – unless they’re mentioned on a board that caters specifically to people who are looking for the same things you are. There are many such boards out there but very few are not corrupt in some way. Most board owners have deals with the overseas sources and receive “kickbacks” (usually in the form of free meds) to edit out bad feedback or to shill for them. There are a few ethical boards (okay, one) but if you’re going to go that route take everything you read with a grain of salt.

Also, let me reiterate that what you are considering is ILLEGAL and while it’s rare that any legal consequences come from having your shipment confiscated by Customs, it does happen. It’s also illegal to carry scheduled medication without proof of a prescription and you sure as hell aren’t going to get a legally written prescription with what you receive. In fact, what you’ll receive will likely be pills that have been removed from their blister packs and lined up nicely in plastic, taped to the inside of a CD case with a ton of tape, and wrapped in a piece of carbon paper. Depending on who you’ve ordered from, there’s no guarantee you’re getting anything resembling what you think you are.

So yeah, it’s possible to do with minimal risk unless you can’t afford to lose $300 when Customs seizes your package at the border, or if you’re one of those very rare cases that get prosecuted. It’s ILLEGAL. And it’s really not a good idea for your own health. Self-medicating is never a good idea and it’s a worse idea when you really have no assurance of what you’re self-medicating with.

OKAY! I will not be pursuing the matter any further. My doc won’t give me enough of a scrip for my insomnia. I have been trying to get off of weed which is the only thing that works, but I have been using it for os long that I have built up a torelance to it. What with the price being what it is these days, and its relative ineffectuality, I need somehting else.
Thank you for your help


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