Overseas Travel Packing Question

There is a very good chance that sometime next year I will be travelling to the UK for at least a week. As I don’t want to have a ton of luggage to deal with, can anyone here help me out planning what to take and so on?


What will you be doing there? Are you a man or woman?

What time of year will you be going?

For work? Or purely holidays?

Pah, worrying about what you may have forgotten to pack is more stress than finding out you forgot to pack something, IMO.

I tend to pack at the last minute, and find it has three advantages:

  1. You don’t have to pack until the last minute.

  2. Because you only have a minute, it only takes a minute.

  3. Nothing like hilarity to ease jetlag. And what could be more hilarious than unpacking to discover that you’ve packed 15 tshirts, no trousers and something really unexpected, like the TV remote.

Here’s how I pack for a 7-day overseas tourism trip. Or 14, or 21, etc. I don’t pack more for longer trips, I just take a Sunday morning to do laundry and write out my postcards. For a business trip I pack a lot more because I take more cabs and can thus carry more.

BTW, I’m a girl.

Wear on the airplane - the bulkiest pair of pants I am taking, a long sleeved shirt, a light sweater and the bulkiest pair of walking shoes I am taking.

3 short sleeved shirts
1 light long sleeved shirt
1 pair pants
1 skirt
1 pair good walking shoes
1 pair very light sandals or flats
1 light jacket (water resistant is a good choice)
4 pairs socks
4 pairs underwear
2 bras
credit card

This all fits in a small suitcase or moderate sized backpack. Wash a pair of underwear, socks and a bra each night in the room, hang in shower and they’ll usually dry by morning.

Lay everything out on your bed before you pack, including the clothes you’ll wear on the train. Any item that won’t mix and match with everything else gets replaced by something that will.

This has worked very well for me for spring, summer and fall travel to the UK, Ireland and Italy. If travelling in the early spring or late fall I throw in a pair of warm gloves and a knit hat.

Got to go catch my train now, will elaborate more later if you like.

Work or pleasure? willing to use hotel laundry? any special needs like you want to work out, jog, nightclubbing.

Me, I would wear a suit, a couple of shirts, and a couple days worth of underwear and socks. It all fits into a carry on.


I forgot all the pertinent info when I posted this.

I’m a chick. Going to the UK probably late summer to early fall (not sure quite yet), and it’s a pleasure trip. The group of us that are going are planning to sightsee and see several rock concerts, plus go horseback riding at some point.

I dunno if we’ll have laundry services available, but I have done the “wash out your smalls in the hotel sink” many times. And since I don’t wear skirts or dresses, that leaves room for another pair of jeans and riding boots.

Thanks everyone for your advice and if anyone else can add on, please do so.