Overwhelmed by stuff to do

Not a rant, just stress.

I’m going to grad school this fall. Fantastic…can’t wait to go. Meanwhile, I’m continuing to work full time at a job that requires travel. OH MY GOD.

I have to register for classes. But I can’t do this until I have an appointment with my advisor. But I can’t do that because I live out of state. We’re playing phone tag lately. Eventually, we’ll catch up with each other.

Financial aid. I have to return the acceptance form along with my selection of a banking institution for the loan. Great. Only I have to know how many credits I’m taking first, which means I have to talk to my advisor. Also, they want my student ID number. I don’t have that yet, although I do have a personal security code so I can pay for school and register online. But I can’t do that yet because I haven’t a)spoken to my advisor or b)gotten a student ID number yet.

Every piece of paper I get asks for a local phone number/address. I haven’t been able to make a road trip up to Knoxville yet to find an apartment, so I can’t provide that yet. So I keep making little notes on things I return saying that I don’t have one yet, but I will soon.

I’ve been on the road pretty much all the time since last Thursday. I made it home tonight (left Nashville at 4PM eastern time, got here at 7:15 this evening). Next week, I drive 180 days every day. So tomorrow I have to play phone tag with the advisor, registrar’s office, financial aid office and someone else, but I don’t really remember who right now. Memorial day weekend I get to drive up and hope to God I can find an apartment I can manage to pay for, and that will be available when I need to move out of Atlanta. Oh, and I have to find some sort of job up there too. Only Accountemps hasn’t responded to my e-mail, and neither have any of the other places I sent it to.

I can handle this, right? hyperventilating I will get it all done. And I will not stress out (lie).