Ow, ow, ow, owie...

So, I was chewing on some rice cakes in spicy soup (mmm…) when this dull pain started gnawing away at my molars on the left side of my mouth.

Stupid wisdom teeth!! I can’t wait until I get all four of them extracted in two weeks. I can’t chew with the teeth on the left side because it hurts especially on that side. It doesn’t hurt on the right side, though. Thank goodness for that. It still hurts, though. :mad:

Having my wisdom teeth cut out was perhaps the most surreal experience ever. Mostly due to all the drugs the good doctor put in me. Nitrous, followed by an IV drip of something which kept me under until after the operation, and then a prescription for something which pretty much kept me out for the next few days. Good times.

Heh…my wisdom teeth were horrible when they came in. Everything was impacted and sideways and it felt like there were far too many teeth for my mouth to hold.

When I got them out, they gave me a Bozo nose (nitrous mask) and an amnesia drip, as well as aftercare pain meds, but once they were out I didn’t need the meds at all. I never did have soreness or pain from the operation.

I was so heavily drugged when I got mine out that after the operation I told my mother we’d have to hurry up and get to the place, or we’d miss the apointment.

They also gave me a bottle o’ percacet to take home. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I still have my wisdom teeth. I need all the wisdom I can get. It seems like it took about 5 years for them to come in, though, with pretty severe pain in the back of my mouth every three or four weeks for a long time.

They’re finally all the way in, I think, and there’s enough room in my mouth for them so I’m leaving them alone.

I had mine done right around your age - you’re 16, right? I was 17 - and I heard all these horror stories before I went in. And it was nothing. The shot hurt like a mother, and then I didn’t feel a thing he was doing afterward. I felt the pressure, and there was a hell of a lot of blood, but the Novacaine numbed everything. Then for the next three days I survived on what was basically gruel, ice cream, and Tolectin.

I’ll be 16 in December. The receptionist gave me all these papers to read and they had all this stuff about tooth fragments going into the nasal passages and getting stuck in the gums and causing these infections or something. It really scared me. But, the dental surgeon told me that it really only happens to people who don’t take care of their teeth or something. I’m sure it won’t be too horrific. I’m going to put under general anesthesia because I’m getting all four taken out at once. :eek:

I did it when I was eighteen and it was alright. It was sore for a day and I bled a bit but after that day it was good. When you do it, keep an ice pack on your face for a few hours after the fact and you won’t get the chipmunk cheeks.

All four of mine came in no problem and were left alone, until a couple of years ago, when one upper wisdom tooth suddenly went hideously painfully bad – couldn’t even touch it with my tongue without lances of agony shooting from it.

My dentist shot me full of Novocain and carefully, slowly pried and pushed and pulled it out. Weird sensation – I could feel the pressure but no pain. The bleeding wasn’t too bad afterwards, but I tend to heal well. A few days on half the prescribed dose of hydrocodone, and I was over it. All this in my mid-fifties. I’ve had two other teeth, both molars, pulled since then, by an oral surgeon who’s an absolute wiz at fast, painless extractions. The worst part is the Novocain shot.

After it’s out you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn to probing the gaping pit(s) left behind with your tongue. They won’t be pits forever, though. The surrounding bone will gradually grow in to fill them almost level with your gum line.

The two most recent molars I had pulled could have been saved with root canals and crowns, I was told, but having been through a previous root canal where the dentist DRILLED PAST THE NOVOCAIN INTO LIVE NERVE :eek: :eek: :eek: I went with the extractions instead.

My mouth is so tiny that my wisdom teeth hadn’t even really started grow in when they got taken out (and even then I had chronic headaches). They had to be taken out in preparation for more oral surgery.

I woke up in the middle of the operation. It didn’t hurt, but I heard really weird crunching noises–felt through the bones of my skull, really–and knew I didn’t want to, and started moaning. There was an “oh shit” from the doctor, then I went back under. They also tried to kick me out of the office too soon, causing me to faint on the way to the car (fortunately in the wheelchair). When I came back for a follow-up, the surgeon only removed half of my stitches. They were pretty much incompetent. :mad:

It didn’t take me very long to heal, despite having very deeply buried teeth. The worst part was the Lortab they gave me, which involved balancing pain, nausea, and falling asleep at the drop of a hat. All in all, it wasn’t the worst experience ever.

A couple of decades and change ago, I had four impacted wisdom teeth crushed in situ and extracted shard by shard with, as I recall, a steam shovel. This dentist believed in sparing the drugs and making up for it with a surfeit of twine for stitching. This surprised the college dentist I saw a little later for a follow-up.

The best part, of course, is that my wisdom teeth were extracted two days before I started my freshman year at X University: for a long time, it was assumed that I was there as part of some sort of special program, as my only obvious contributions in class were incisive comments such as “MUH! UGH! PHLRAGG! OOHMM!” emphasized with copious amounts of drool. The best part was the reaction of the director of the debate team, who had been very helpful in arranging my scholarship. And yes, it hurt every minute of every day and night for a very long time.

Please accept my sympathies and best wishes.

:confused: I had all four taken out at once, too, and just the local. It was not a problem at all.

:eek: Really?! Well, the dental surgeon said it would be best if he puts me under general. I wouldn’t mind, though. If he changes his mind and puts me under local, I’ll just keep my eyes closed the whole time.

Going under isn’t very bad. The worst part is waking up.

Meh, my wisdom teeth already came in on the bottom. The one on the right had problems cutting through my gums a year ago and decided to swell up in a big pussy mess right in the middle of my night shift. Being the disgusting indivudual that I am, I had fun draining it the rest of the night.

The left one just cut through with no problems, so now I have two fully functional and quite painless wisdom teeth. I never had problems with shifting teeth or any sort of thing, so I’ll see if I can avoid surgery.

A neighbor of mine had his wisdom teeth pulled, and went home to sleep it off. He awoke in a pool of blood–seems that some of his stitches had come out. He was so weak from loss of blood that he was barely able to get up. Luckily, the person next door was home, and was able to get him some medical attention. Guess he looked for a new dentist after that!!