Ow! Painful crick in my shoulder!

Maybe it’s due to my bad posture, but every once in a while I get this horrible, horrible crick in my left shoulder that doesn’t go away - when I try to rotate said shoulder, it pops the same way a finger joing might when you crack it.

Any suggestions? (And forget the tongue in cheek ones like: “get a significant other to massage it for you”. I’m living alone right now, so I need something that I can handle without contorting myself into strange shapes.)

You might want to have a doctor or physiotherapist look at it. It sounds like something is out of whack and it can result in bursitis or some other kind of rotator cuff injury.

When I had rotator cuff issues and my physiotherapist brought out a model of the shoulder, I was amazed by the complexity of the joint! My GP had me ice it and take ibuprofen until a sport medicine specialist could diagnose my injury properly. In my case, massage didn’t help a whit!

The joint is way to complex for internet folks, even qualified doctor internet folks, to really take a reasonalbe stab at guessing without proper diagnostics being done.

Sorry for the suckiness of the pain. I can truly sympathize.

Sorry, dotchan, we have a general policy here of not allowing threads asking for medical advice. As the previous post suggests, it’s best to go see a medical professional. It’s the only way to get reliable advice.

I’m going to close this thread.

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