Owie, owie, owie

So Friday is Jeans Day at my office. And being the good little ruffian I am, I jump at any chance to wear jeans. Unfortunately, although I was in a size 4 at this time last year, my waistline has expanded a bit and now I hover from a 10-12 (although I’m working on getting back to the 4.). My two good pairs of jeans are a Gap size 4 and an Old Navy size 8. Since I worked out last night, I was feeling quite positive when I woke up this morning. Those size 8s were going to fit whether they wanted to or not because dammit, I was wearing jeans to the office! So I struggled with them this morning, having to lay flat on the bed in order to zip them up. No biggie, I always had to do that with my size 4 anyway, and they were comfortable once I got them on. These feel a bit tight, but you know, it’s probably just because I haven’t worn them in awhile. They’ll loosen up.

I get in the car and have to bend at the waist to get in. Whatever. They’ll loosen up. Driving to work was slightly painful, but they’ll loosen up. I get to work. I’ve been sitting here for the past two hours thinking “They’ll loosen up.”

They haven’t loosened up!

I’m in pain.


Vanity is a bad, bad thing.


Did you try doing a few deep knee bends? That used to work for me.

You poor thing. Hope they loosen up soon!

Do what Kn*ckers does, take them off.

Just act like your blouse is a very short dress.

Working with no pants on is the only true casual day.

No, but I will try that! Thank you!

And it’s my own fault, so I’m trying not to feel too sorry for myself. But when the zipper digs into my stomach, it’s a little hard.


Well, I am the only one here right now.


Ava - if your top is an “outtie”, take a rubber band and put it through the button hole (hoping it’s a button and not a snap) and then wrap the rubber band around the button. That will give you at least a little relief.

Stellar7 is right. I unbutton if I’m wearing a jacket or an outtie shirt and I run into that trauma. And it IS a trauma. So uncomfortable. Or keep them unbuttoned unless you’re walking around (if you have a desk to hide behind). Good luck.

If the shirt is long enough, just unbutton them. That’s what I do. And the rubber band idea works good too.

A word of caution:

Do this only at home, before leaving the house for work. Spiltting the seam on a snug, slightly worn pair of jeans from mid-ass to just below the zipper, at home, is mildly embarrassing if someone else is home, as well as amusing.

Doing same at work, in front of multiple cow-orkers, is, indeed, wholly embareassing, and it’s only really amusing for them.

[sub]Y’know, unless you’re the exhibitionist type. In which case, I’d advocate standing on your desk, first, for maximum exposure.[/sub]