Owners Manual for women

My wife and I equally share the responsibilities of raising our 3 year old son. At daycare today I was informed that due to a policy change, I had to bring a sheet and blanket for naptime. At home I got a sheet (one of many) and blanket (one of many), and with a magic marker wrote our sons’ name on these items. My wife bellowed, among other things, that I had ruined the sheet and blanket. Being male, I am forced to rely on logic and submit the following possible explanations as to how I “ruined” these items:

  1. The chemicals in the magic marker altered the molecular structure of the fabric, thereby rendering them unable to retain heat.

  2. By writing our sons’ name on these items, I diminished the enormous profit my wife hoped to reap at some future yard sale or on line auction.

  3. Women are genetically programmed to view any foreign substance on fabric as “dirt”.

  4. I took the action without consulting her, thereby altering the delicate balance of “who’s in charge”.

There, I feel much better now.

P.S. As my wife left for work, the gradually loosening piece of stucco above the door did not fall on her head as she slammed the door.

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Obviously you have completely overlooked the “cute” factor. The blankie probably had little yellow ducks on it, or something equally as adorable, and you RUINED it with your marker.


All of your objections to your wife’s reaction are completely sensible and inarguably valid. The sheet and blanket, are, nonetheless, ruined.

Catrandom (It’s probably a combination of 3 and 4, actually)

Ok, here’s my question for you

Owners manual?

Hello, you don’t own your wife.


I had to say that, it sounds so 19th century like < hehe >

Not to go off topic, but fix the damn stucco. If men don’t fix the stucco, women will perfect cloning, raise sheep to tend the lawn, and then they won’t need us at all! Do you part for the preservation of Mankind.

Jesus saves… Gretzky grabs the rebound… He Scores!


Owners manual?

Hello, you don’t own your wife.

–end quote–

Sorry, wasn’t feeling politically correct at the moment. How about Users Guide?

If a man has an opinion and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong?

  1. It looks trashy.

No, don’t bother to ask what “trashy” means. Like somebody said about jazz–if you have to ask, you ain’t never gonna get it.

Tenspeed -

[sexist rant on]I suspect you didn’t consult your woman-written “Childraising for dummies”, where in chapter 4, page 28, halfway down the page, in bolded type, it stated:

Thou shalt only write names/initials on tags, never on the garments/linens themselves.

Sheesh. You better get clued in soon.[/sexist rant off]

:wink: It’s #5 - you didn’t do it the way SHE would have done.

Sue from El Paso

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Seems like you were trying to do a sensible thing, but my genetically encoded “Laundry Alert” went off. Unless you used one of those Rub-a-Dub markers, blankie is gonna be a big yukky mess in the wash.


See “rely on logic” in the OP.

Sounds like purely a control issue to me.

I’m gonna add just one word just to see how many flames I can generate:


She was not looking at the issue the same way you were. What you did, at least to me makes sense, and something I would do. It is also something my wife could get upset about, Im not sure but could see it, so when it’s my turn I will ask. Thanks
but back to my origional point, she is probally seing many things upset her and that it just one more, she might look back and see this was a non issue - maby not. What you need to know is that her fealings are real and should be validated. If you listen you will probally find out many things are wrong. Also very important DON’T OFFER SOLUTIONS - THIS IS NOT WHAT SHE WANTS OR NEEDS, she needs for someone to listen and let her find herself. I can go on if necessary but this is a critical starting point in the owners manual for women. (or innstruction manual for anyone who is offended)

This reminds me exactly of the kind of disagreement my parents used to have. You behaved and reacted exactly as my dad would… rationally and practically. Women. Well… we are catty, sometimes evil, and she’ll get over it and someday realize how cool it is that you are that practical.

OfficeGirl’s Cubicle Farm

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User Manual?

Gads, you really are a male < giggle >

Okay, how about life mate manual…this sounds better AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

Never fear techchick is here.

When it comes to household related items never deface that which she has purchased on her own or was a gift from a friend or family member.

Rather, the better response would have been to run to the nearest dept. store and purchase a new sheet and blanket for this specific reason. This way there is no emotional attachment, trust me on this, and she knows it’s for school. You might bicker temporarily about the cost of the items, but you can safely say, “Hun, I didn’t know if you had anything that would work for his daycare and thought I would help out. If you have something that can be used we can take this back tomorrow.”

Hey I may not be a mommy, but I do know where the line draws when it comes to my household items.

For example, and I am drawing from my own experience. I would rather go to K-Mart and purchase items for a camping trip that hold no sentimental value to me. I might end up spending more money for this trip than I should (I mean who needs Grandma’s weird colored afgan? But she made it for me) but the item I purchased that has no value in this manner is less likely to create an emotional reaction if it doesn’t survive the trip.

Okay, so I don’t know your wife, but maybe my suggestion will help you think about how she reacts to your next decision when it involves your child and anything household related…we women can be a curious bunch.

Guess I’m a bona fide “wife” now…that’s what my first reaction would have been.

I would have done either as MajorMD said, and labelled the tags, or, failing the existance of any tags, I would have done as Techchick said and just gone out for a “new” set (probably at a second-hand store rather than a department store, but I digress.)

Anyhow, you may share the responsibility of taking care of the boy, but I’d be willing to lay odds that she’s the one who does the laundry. She can’t wash that blanket with anything else for a while, and after the first washing, instead of your boy’s name emblazoned on the blankie, it’s gonna be a big black blob.

See now?

“Wednesday the 15th - Chris made one of her rare good points today.”

Chris…8 posts above, hon.

Gotcha. :slight_smile: Ok, then…suspicion confirmed. Thanks, elelle.

“Wednesday the 15th - Chris made one of her rare good points today.”

Well, you can tell I’ve been married “long enough.”
When similar instances have arisen with my kids:
I stopped in at K-Mart on the way home;
I picked out the necessary equipment;
I marked them just as I pleased;

note carefully
I sent my purchases to the day care or school without mentioning the day care’s/school’s request to my wife.

Each dreadful crime I am sure I have committed actually never happened as far as my wife is concerned.