Owners of <lastname> Internet domains: do you also get mail meant for others?

I reserved $mylastname.net for use as my personal site back in 1996. ($mylastname being a German last name of middling frequency).

What I cannot get my head around: every few weeks I get mail meant for a total stranger (a different total stranger every time BTW) of the same last name, who somebody just assumed would have the e-mail address $firstname@$lastname.net

Those of you who also got your last name as a domain: does this also happen to you?

Yep. One guy in particular- Ben <Lastname>. He contacted me a couple of years back, to see if I would sell <Lastname>.org to him, since at that time I wasn’t really using it. However, I finally got off my butt and put together my website, as it’s really necessary for my career. He ended up purchasing <Lastname>fam.com instead.

Of course, I still get emails meant for him (as anything sent to *@<Lastname>.org will get to me). For a while I just manually forwarded the emails to him (they were usually from his grandmother, for some reason. Eventually I just set up an email alias for him- anything sent to ben@<Lastname>.org will now automatically forward to ben@<Lastname>fam.com.