Owning a condo in DC

Can anyone tell me what sort of monthly taxes, utility bills, trash collection fees, etc. I could expect to pay with a one bedroom condo in NW Washington DC? I’m trying to figure out if a condo with a $150 monthly fee is actually a better deal than a co-op with a $532 fee but that includes all the taxes, utilities, etc.

As far as bills, you can call Pepco and other utilities and ask for a summary of the past bills for a particular residence. They’ll be able to give you a ballpark of how much the last owner was paying in electric, gas, water, etc.

I own a house, not a condo, so I can’t tell you much about how condos are taxed. The DC real estate tax site (here) doesn’t seem to offer details on taxes on individual condos, but on the property as a whole.