Owwww, it hurts! (Peccorino cheese)

I just bought a chunk of Peccorino, which I have never tried before and although I know that it’s normally grated and used like parmesan, I thought I’d taste a little piece. It hurt my tongue and lips; It’s quite, but not extremely salty so I don’t think it was the salt that stung me.

Any ideas?

I don’t suppose it could be an allergy?

BTW, I only said that because the lips are usually my first indication that I’ve eaten some nuts.

I eat quite a lot of cheese and haven’t had any problems before; as far as I know, I’m only allergic to one thing; raw onions (I get symptoms not unlike a hangover);

There was no swelling associated with this pain and it was almost immediate, but not very long-lasting; I don’t think it is an allergy.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

But do you eat many sheep’s milk cheeses? Having said that, I wouldn’t expect an allergy to give short-term symptoms. Have you repeated the tasting?

I have problems with onions. Unfortunately, I love raw onion :slight_smile: . I’ve not heard of the hangover effects before.

peccorino can be quite sharp and tangy. I love the sensation but my wife finds her mouth can pucker up and she doesn’t like it

Yeah, I’ve eaten all kinds of cheese before; maybe it’s just the combination of salt and acidity.