Oxy Morons

slightly preoccupied
important trivia
first annual
science fiction
clearly confused
the only choice
home office
global village
ill health
same difference
original copy
initial results

got any more?

Happily Married

military intelligence

Rap music

Operating system

Compassionate Conservative

Animated Violence: Strong
Voluntarily rated by the ESRB
Helpful warning labels

(I’m pretty resentful about this, can you tell?)

terribly happy
jumbo shrimp
artificial turf
free trade
plastic wood
educated guess
pretty ugly
ice water

Government Assistance

Mandatory option package
Popular culture

Common sense

Social Security

Microsoft Works. :slight_smile:

Can’t take credit for that one though.

Educational television.

Everytime this subject comes up, there’s always one smart-ass who has to say this. Gunslinger, you’re now on my list of people to kill when they let me out.

(I used to work for military intelligence)

Plastic Glasses
Airline Food
Advanced BASIC
Old News
Dodge Ram
Journalistic Ethics

Christian Science

Metal woods

Fairway bunkers

Hamburger Steak

And my own nomination:

Arab Unity

Inch long
Slim shady
Good shit
Dead heat

Miracle of nature.