Ozrick Tentacles Live DVD

Hey, are there any dopers out there who are not only familiar with this band, but have heard/seen their concert DVD “Live at the Pongmaster’s Ball”? Barnes & Noble’s website says the recording is “Dolby Digital Stereo”, so I know it’s not going to sound as good as DD5.1, but does it sound good enough to be worth $20??

I realize this is a long-shot, it’s a pretty obscure band, and even more obscure album. But what better way to reach (I assume) thousands of people with diverse tastes than the SDMB? :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen it but I bet it’s worth the $20… sight unseen. It’s Ozrick, I mean jeeze…

(sorry I know that was about unhelpful)

I thought this was another anime hentai thread.