I went to OzzFest yesterday in Dallas. It was without a doubt the best concert I have been to in several years. With the exception of Marilyn Manson’s show I really enjoyed the entire experience. Disturbed and Korn rocked. I even got my picture taken with Vinnie Paul (drummer for Pantera) as we were leaving. It seemed like over half the women walking around the show were completely topless with some body paint on thier tits (I have some awsome pictures) :D. I didn’t see any fights and nobody threw up on anyone in our group. A GREAT time was had by all.

And then I woke up today. My body is extremely pissed off at me. I haven’t been to a rock concert like that in over 10 years. If I had known I was going to feel like this I would never have gotten in the pit. I guess I didn’t hurt yesterday because of all the beer I drank (yes, I was as fucked up as a football bat).

Has anyone else been to an OzzFest and if so are they always that damn good?

  • Daniel

I haven’t been to an OzzFest personally, but my daughter toured with OzzFest last summer as a vendor. She had a backstage pass which included eating with The Stars. They had really great food, so she tells me.

She got to meet a lot of musicians and had a blast. She made enough money on the tour to take a five month tour of Indonesia.

So I agree that OzzFest rocks. My daughter got to take her Sabbitical without asking me for a loan!

I went to Ozzfest last two years. Last year ozzy didn’t go to our concert date due to sharon’s cancer. This years line up doesn’t impress me much compared to previous years. By the way how did ozzy do? I look more dead than ever the lasttime i saw him. Did he say anything about doing another year?

side note: I had body parts hurting that i never knew i had the next day

I didn’t go this year but went last year. Everyone was bitching that last year wasn’t that good but I had a great time - it rocked and yeah I had body parts hurting that I didn’t know existed! It kicked ass erven though it rained the whole day I had a greeat time. Imagine a show like that and add a whole lot of mud…it was pretty insane

Ozzy was really good. I especially liked the old Black Sabbath tunes. I don’t really care for much of what he put out after Diary of a Madman, and so I was really impressed with the number old song he fit into his set.

He didn’t specifically say he was having another one next year, but I have a feeling that he will keep going till he is dead. The way he energized the crowd and fed off of that energy was incredible. He is one hell of a showman.