P2P music sharing

Are we still banned from talking about ways of online file sharing? I was under the impression that we were, because of the whole no-talking-about-illegal-things rule… In which case, can I suggest that you talk to your ad providers? I was highly amused to see a giant ad for “The World’s Best P2P File Sharing Community”, apparently with millions of free songs and videos, splashed above the header on the main page.

(If file-sharing discussions are now all cool, excellent - ignore the above…)

When the devoted fan translation to English of the only available in Japan game Mother 3 was completed and made available online, I asked if it would be okay to give folks a heads up here. Nope. And that was just a patch, not the rom.

Actually we have discussions of peer to peer. But we’re still pretty hard on obvious abuse of copyright. The ad . . . I dunno. Can someone send us a screen shot or something?

I still don’t get how/why discussions of p2p are completely verbotten when links to unambiguous and huge violations of copyright on you-tube are not only permitted but often encouraged.

The final season of Mork and Mindy (just hypothtically) mind you–is not available in any legal format. It has not been released and IIRC it’s last rebroadcast was circa 1992. And on the SDMB, it’s just peachy to link to each episode (and, hypothetically, the whole thing was up there and downloadable with a firefox extension) but linking to a P2P version of the exact same vhs rips (hypothetically speaking) would be grounds for a warning at least.

So…why the totally insane double-standard where copyright violations are only a problem if they’re not on You-Tube? And the “Well, every other web-site in the whole world links to YouTube” thing really won’t stand scrutiny.

I’ll give a screen shot if it comes up while I’m on my computer TubaDiva - I was on my Kindle before, so couldn’t take one there. It was for iMesh, if that helps you at all, and had pretty much the text in my OP, in presumably bright colours.

I believe the argument was that YouTube has such an extensive copyright policy that the uploader is legally responsible for the problem, not the linker. This is not the case with P2P, as we’ve seen constantly with Bittorrent sites being shut down, when all they do is supply links, not the data itself.

I also remember being told that a whole show should not be linked, only a small portion that would fall under tehs same fair use guidelines as quotes. Granted, I’ve not really seen that enforced but maybe once or twice, but I’ve only seen offending links to full shows a few times. (For example, I assumed the link to the banned South Park episode was left alone precisely because of the circumstances of that banning.)

Oh, and I’ve seen nothing about music from YouTube.