PA State Rep Introduces Dog Seat Belt Legislation

There is no box of rocks dumber than this stupid SOB. Is this what I’m spending my tax dollars for in PA-so you can sponsor a contest to determine the idiotic zenith of your constituency, and then introduce a law to further that aim? I’m hoping you Burgher Dopers bitchslap this meathead for me.

You’re expecting bitchslapping assistance from people on this message board? The same board where the majority of posters favor seat belt laws and a substantial number equate dogs with people? Good luck.

Shut up, dropzone, I mean JohnBckWLD.

To steal a phrase from a fellow doper this is a political cotton candy pure and simple. I hope that it somehow blows up in his face, but I’m not seeing that.

Legislating it is stupid, I don’t think there’s a need for a law to cover every aspect of life.

However, restraining your dog in the car is a very good idea:

  1. In the event of a crash, your dog will most likely die.
  2. It does that by being a very heavy projectile, which is bound to hurt humans in the car.
  3. Depending on the dog, having it jump around inside the car might take your focus away from what you should be doing, i.e. driving.

If you’re lucky enough to have some kind of SUV /stationwagon, get a crate for the dog. If you have a sedan, there are special harnesses that can be attached to the seat belt connectors in the back seat. A good investment IMO.

BTW - dogs are people.


Where do they get the time to come up with this stuff, given that they are already in violation of the state Constitution by not passing the budget by 30 June? Unbelievable.

No, they are dogs. I thought Sweden was world-renouned for its public education.

It’s high time this problem was addressed. May I suggest that next we require airbags on motorcycles?

Liberal: May I suggest that next we require airbags on motorcycles?

Not analogous: airbags on motorcycles wouldn’t actually provide any safety benefits, but as The G pointed out, proper restraints for dogs riding in cars do provide safety benefits.

We can argue about whether it’s worthwhile to make them legally mandatory, but AFAICT there’s no denying that they’re a good idea.

Belt yourself, belt your kids, belt your dog. Proper use of safety equipment in cars saves lives.

(This public service announcement was brought to you with absolutely no expenditure of Pennsylvania tax revenues. :))

I :clubs: my dog.

You… club your dog? You… clover your dog?

Or were you going for I :heart: my dog?


Proper use, sure. But what about improper use? What if the dog is barking and howling and gnawing on its own limbs to get free from the restraint? How will the Golden Retriever in the red pickup truck put its head out the window and enjoy the cool wind bathing its tongue? How will the little Pomeranian in the Cadillac paw at the glass and scream in dog language that your eye-contact is unacceptable, given your social class? How will the Basset Hound in the back of the SUV blissfully ignore all the kids if he is strapped in amongst them? The unintended consequences are out there waiting to slap us all in the face.

I :spades: my dog.

and my husband too!

With proper restraints, m dog sticks his head out the rear side window and enjoys the breeze. People will feel the need to protect their dogs and others travelling in the car - or not.
It depends on your car, your dog and a lot of other factors, which is why a law would be meaningless, but a responsible dog owner should look into how to best transport their pet.

And yes - dogs are people*. They’re animals, not human, but certainly people. Personality, individuality, social life. They’re the first animal we domesticated and mind is contagious. We might be closer to chimps by DNA, but dogs are closer to humans on a social scale.
*And some people are dogs.

I thought the little shit was asking me if I had any Grey Poupon.

So far, it’s about the only PSA that hasn’t cost me any money.

Robin, who is wondering just how many taxing entities she lives in.

You removed your husband’s ovaries?! :eek:

You just mean that he had a vasectomy, right? Right??

Yes, he has had brain surgery.

I do not equate my dogs with JohnBckWLD.

He’s not getting any treats. :cool: