If you want to get rid of pachysandra, that spreading ground cover that can get out of control, get yourself a Jack Russell Terrier. That will do the trick. She killed all of ours. She just caught a chipmunk today. Luckily it got away. :slight_smile:

Spring fever?

Thanks Lillith, our Jack Russell is a picky eater. She likes slugs and snails and geckos and cat poo, but not the dry dog food we buy her. Maybe we should try pachysandra.

I think Lillith meant the dog dug it up, or wore it out by running on it. Not eating it, right?

Oh, she didn’t eat it. She was digging at the chipmunk hole and came up holding it by the back of the neck. I don’t know if it just was strong enough to get away or if she didn’t really want to kill it. I have always heard that Jack Russells will kill the cat, rabbit, etc.