Packaging is based on

So I was perusing the finer points of my newborn’s wipeys while spending time on the throne, and right there on the back it says “Packaging based on chalk.” In context with the other wording, they made it seem like this was some environmentally friendly way of packing the wipeys.

So what does chalk have to do with what looks like wax paper? How is it based on chalk? How is it more “environmentally friendly” than wax paper :confused:

It’s probably a calcium carbonate (chalk) / plastic binder blend. One trade name is Calymer.

Since chalk comes out of the ground as chalk, it’s more eco-friendly to make it than a 100% plastic product.

Having dealt with several dealers of CaCO3, you’d probably be amazed how much it you interact with on a daily basis.

Hell, you probably eat a fair amount in a given year. It’s a useful antacid.

Not that it’s harmful - it’s not - it’s just a useful inert material. Doesn’t hurt anyone in reasonable quantities. It extends paint and plastics. It’s a useful buffer in the human body against acid. It’s cheap as dirt, because, well, it IS dirt.