Packing Tip #44

Do not use packing tape to play painful practical jokes.

(insert graphic of two stick figures, one of whom has apparently attached one end of a roll of tape to the head of the other.)

[sub]I saw this on a Budget rental truck on my way to work this morning.[/sub]


Yeah, I’m guessing any non-painful practical jokes you might want to play with packing tape would be fine.

(It’s been half an hour and I’m still giggling about this. Yes, I know it’s not that funny.)

Oh, like the toilet seat one?

And then hide all the knives from your SO sort of practical joke?

I’ve seen one one the Budget trucks down here that has a stick figure next to a box that has lines around it indicating that it is shaking. The moving tip? Never pack cat and dog in the same box.

Always pack a spare suitcase key, in case you lose the first one.

But don’t put the spare in your suitcase.

Yeah, my friend had that exact same tip on his Budget truck. Pretty good.

As for a real packing tip, here’s one that everyone I help move ends up getting drilled in their heads:

A box for every book and a book for every box.

Sure, it doesn’t hold up well when you have several thousand books, but the concept remains - DON’T pack a box entirely up with books!

Real tip: LABEL! Unlabeled boxes mean opening up everything to find your needed shit.

'nother real tip: Never drill things into your head. Regardless of what Muinch says. It’s painful, and seldom has the desired effect. Messy, too.

The Budget trucks out here say : Never pop the Bubble Wrap BEFORE moving. Or something to that effect.

My packing tip: Pack near a large garbage can… and plan to have it filled when you are finished packing!

Don’t pack a bottle of Kahlua in your suitcase. It’s made of GLASS. It will BREAK. Kahlua stains clothes.