Paco the Mexican Nazi

My EMT friend responded to a call recently to tend to Paco (not his real name), a Mexican immigrant who’d been stabbed in the armpit during a fight. In order to treat the injury, he cut away Paco’s shirt, to reveal… worn-as-hell swastikas tattooed all over Paco’s upper body that were probably obtained during a stint in prison (or at least looked like they had been). My very Jewish friend was more bemused than angry.

I’ve decided that *Paco the Mexican Nazi *sounds like the title of the sickest children’s book ever.

Worse than Hansi: The Girl Who Loved the Swastika?

Hey…I smell a crossover for sweeps! :smiley:

Meh. Quite unremarkable, when there are Hitler bars in South-East Asia.

It was a dark and stormy trooper…

ManWoman has been trying to rehabilitate the swastika for decades. I first read about him in RE/Search Modern Primitives. His webpage is linked from the first link.

Maybe he had a thing for blonde blue-eyed Argentinians

Starting on your BLFC entry?

Swastikas symbolize more than Naziism. They are used in Buddhism, and at least one Native American tribe uses the swastika in its traditional imagery.

How do you know this guy wasn’t a Buddhist?

I suppose a Mexican Buddhist or Jainist or Hindu is a bit less surprising than a Mexican Nazi. Still that’s not something you see every day. It’s really a simple shape, if you think about it, so it’s found in a lot of cultures. But let’s be honest: outside of Nazi stuff, you don’t see it very often in Western culture. And if he got them in prison, they probably weren’t done by Buddhists.

I dunno. If I ever had to do a stint in prison, I’d try to hook up with the Buddhist Gang.

I worked with a schizophrenic who was a devoutly Jewish neo-nazi. That sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

Could have been a Nazi Lowrider, or maybe a member of an outlaw motorcycle club that uses swastika logos but admits hispanics.