Padilla decision: what happened to Marr?

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If I’m understanding the SCOTUS decision in Rumsfeld v Padilla (here in .pdf), it was dismissed without prejudice because it was filed in the wrong federal district and named Rumsfeld as defendant intead of Commander Melanie Marr, who commands the brig where Padilla is being held. Yet according to the opinion, Marr was initially named as a defendant. So what happened to her? Her name’s not on the opinion and my cursory reading of the opinion doesn’t indicate to me when she was dropped.

Marr won’t be named in this petition because it’s Rumsfeld’s petition to be removed as a defendant. Marr would hardly be a party to such a suit.

The decision states that Marr would be the only proper respondent in Padilla’s suit, as she is Padilla’s “immediate caretaker.”

According to the decision, she was initially named as a respondent along with Bush and Rumsfeld, but she is not named in the case caption of the decision that was issued this morning. So at some point in the process she (and Bush) were apparently dropped from the suit. I’m asking at what point she (and I suppose Bush) were dropped as I don’t see that information in the decision. Is there a separate petition out there somewhere for Marr and/or one for Bush?

There’s a footnote on page 8:

OK I got it. The district court got rid of Bush and Marr and SCOTUS dismissed the complaint against Rumsfeld and said to go back and sue Marr in South Carolina.