Paedo scumbag jailed for 27 years. Go rot, you vile thing.

Read this Guardian article and give your kids a hug.

My niece is 10. One set of grandparents live near Teesside.

This vile, evil, and depraved man has been brought to justice and been sentenced. He will not enjoy his time in prison: British criminals have a special contempt for abusers of children. But he can just sit there and rot, and I am not unhappy with that.

I do hope he sees the error of his ways and repents and reforms, but I doubt he will.

Why only 27 years?

This scumbag got 18 years for squirting kids with a water gun filled with his semen. Isn’t the OP’s scumbag ten times worse?

ETA: never mind. UK/US apples/oranges