Paedophilia not criminal condition!

I tried and tried and tried. Is there some body here who can tell me what is the official position of the Catholic church in regards to Paedophilia please? It seems that what they are saying is fucking little kiddies is A-ok. However consenting gay couples burn in hell. Is that really their position?I think this is one organisation that has really jumped the shark.

Well it’s not criminal to be a pedophile. Is it? Acting on those sexual desires on the other hand…

Technically they’re right in that pedophilia is a condition rather than a lifestyle, even though a lot of people use it as the latter or even conflate the two.

The quotes in that article do indeed seem to conflate the two, except in the opposite way from how it normally happens. The quotes are trying to minimize the actions taken, waving them off as being lesser than they really are since they arise from a “condition”. That’s pretty bad.

Of course, conflating it the opposite way is also fairly bad, when people imply that anyone with an attraction to children is an intractable monster and equivalent to the worst predator ever.

Plus the person quoted is wrong, in that there isn’t a correlation between being sexually abused and perpetrating it yourself. Not that it would be an excuse even if it were true.

So there is no disconnect between their position on their favourite activity and the activities they condemn adults for in the privacy of there own homes?

I understand not all paedophiles are necessarily monsters, there are some who live their entire lives knowing it is wrong and never act on their impulses. It would be wrong to destroy the lives of a person who lived with that affliction and never acted on it. On the other hand the Catholic church has made an Olympic event out of shuttling paedophiles around and around so as to make sure there isn’t an innocent life they haven’t impacted.

But they expect gays to burn in hell. I mean really?

  1. You’re conflating the state of being a pedophile, which is not illegal, with the act of sexually abusing a child, which is. You can’t be put on trial for thoughtcrime.

  2. I know of no teaching in the Catholic church that “fucking little kiddies is A-ok”. Having sex with a child is a mortal sin, just like any sex act other than heterosexual intercourse within a marriage. The root of the scandals the church is facing derives from the fact that historically the church has preferred to deal with criminal acts by its priests internally, and the general public no longer finds that acceptable.

  3. The church doesn’t teach that “gays burn in hell” either. Homosexual acts are a mortal sin- but so is failing to take Communion at least once during Lent. A practicing homosexual who confessed his sins and was absolved for them could go to Heaven (or at least Purgatory) as long as he was in a state of grace at the time of his death.

I am not a Catholic, or a Christian at all, but I really wissh people would stop misrepresenting things they don’t understand for the sake of something to be angry about.

How am I conflating it again?

Yeah, they deal with it by doing nothing and allowing it to continue unabated, or I guess your unaware of the cover up of paedophilia within the Catholic Church?

I guess, you probably attended a much different Catholic boarding school than the ones I did for 14 years. And I would guess attended a different church than the one I did for 18 years.

So, tell me how much I don’t know about the church again please.

You know what- **Smapti ** may not be Catholic, but I am. And I went to Catholic school. If your school/parish taught you that “homosexuals burn in hell” , that is, that the condition of being attracted to the same sex is a sin , you are either much older than I , or went to a very strange Catholic school. Because the Catholic Church hasn’t taught that “homosexuality” is a sin in my lifetime. Homosexual activity ,yes, just like any sexual activity outside of a marriage but it is indeed possible to be both homosexual and celibate. And the Church certainly doesn’t teach that even sexually active homosexuals will burn in Hell , as it is the Church’s position that none of us can know the state of another person’s soul when he dies. Maybe your priest was overly influenced by other denominations in your area.Or maybe your school didn’t do a good job of teaching you distinctions.

And the cardinal didn’t say anything like “fucking little kiddies is A-ok”. He said "“What do you do with disorders? You’ve got to try and put them right.” and when speaking about two priests who were themselves abused as children “Now don’t tell me that those people are criminally responsible like somebody who chooses to do something like that. I don’t think you can really take the position and say that person deserves to be punished. He was himself damaged.” He’s saying that they should be treated instead of punished in the same way that some mentally ill people are not punished for their criminal acts - because their mental disorder either prevents them from understanding that the act is wrong or causes them to be unable to conform their conduct to the law. The cardinal is wrong about that, but it’s a long way from saying child molesting is A-OK. If it were A-OK, it wouldn’t be a disorder and therefore wouldn’t be any need for treatment, would there?

So, Doreen, your comfortable with the way the Catholic church has dealt with the issue of paedophiles within the church? What would you say to a child whose life has been ruined by these priest and high ranking church officials?

What the fuck does that have to do anything? Just because the Catholic Church is a bunch of corrupt assholes doesn’t mean everything they say is always wrong. Argue the fucking point.

Eta: I’ve got a dozen years of Catholic School, too - and you know damn well that dogma only condemns practicing homosexuality, not being homosexual (equally stupid, but that’s not the point).

I guess that Catholic boarding school didn’t do such a great job with reading comprehension either. And I also guess you concede my points since you didn’t even address them- that you were wrong about both Catholic teaching and what the cardinal said.

This is the as you put it the fucking point! The people who support the church regardless of the scandals and corruption. No they are fucking ruining peoples lives. Anyone who can still support any god damned part of the fucking piece trash organisation is a vile and disgusting person, if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem. I was part of the problem for too fucking long. I’ve had enough with the church that I used to call mine. Now I say your welcome to your kiddie fucker, support them all you will. I’d just like you to think about what you tell St Peter when you arrive at the pearly gates, when he asks, and what did you do to help the children?

So, your position is that nothing anyone says, and no rational explanation, is going to be enough to change your intentional misinterpretation and hang on to your anger. Yeah, reasonable choice there.

Catholic schools have a reputation, often, for doing a better job than public schools. I think this is one time they didn’t quite live up to that.

What the fuck are you talking about? I’m an aethiest. Have been my whole life. I despise the Catholic Church.

I was just pointing out that you’re a fuckwit.

I guess when he said doctors he was referring to prison psychologists, your right, I shouldn’t assume he meant privately in a Vatican clinic and after his fifteen minute session back out into the congregation. But your right I could be wrong about that highlighted bit. I’ll concede that point.

As for the Catholic church not being homophobic well, looks as though I’ll have to concede that one as well.

Actually it is the hypocrisy which is the point that they can allow paedophiles to be moved around from victim to victim while condemning homosexuality. And that is the point, they’re a do as we say not as we do organisation. Problem is they destroy lives.

Last I heard there is indeed such a correlation, as long as the abused is the genetic offspring of the abuser. The imprintation of a particular behavior on someone at a vulnerable age with a potential genetic tendency in that direction, apparently.

Maybe I didn’t go to Catholic school, but I’m fairly certain that neither the Bible nor the church claim that St. Peter is the one who judges the souls of the dead, or that helping children is the metric for getting into heaven.

Yes, kind of. The real problem, IMHO, is their hubris. They’re not on the fence on pedophilia - they know exactly how wrong it is. But they think themselves so important that they believe covering it up and ‘protecting’ the church is more important than protecting these victims.

Then perhaps that’s what you should have said instead of what you actually said.