Page 2 of a 2-page thread can't be seen

Look at this thread:

(“is it customary for 911 operators to be rude, combative bitches?” in the Pit)

As of this writing, I see that the thread has two pages, and my post is the last on the first page. But I’m unable to load the second page - it just takes me back to page 1. I got an email notification when yellowval replied to the thread after that last post of mine, but the only way I can read it on the board is to manually edit the URL to put 24 posts on a page, and then look at page 3. (If I set it to 25 posts per page, it still says there are 3 pages, but I can’t load page 3.)

Works fine for me.

Yeah, it started working for me once that second post on the second page was made. Maybe it’ll act up again if there are 49 more posts.

Works fine for me, too. Try it again, Mr2001, we had some board wonkiness yesterday, including an emergency shut down for backup. Let me know, please, either here or in email, whether it’s OK, now.

One thing that’s historically done this has been when the 51st post to a thread is made, a new page is automatically generated, and whatever generates the post-image in the database updated to show it as a multi-page thread. If, however, post #43 was the work of a troll and consisted in its entirety of “U LOOZRS R SUXXORS” or something equally profound and inspirational, and a moderator does his/her duty of cleaning the offal out of the forum, you will end up with a thread of 50 posts, all displayed on page one, but tagged as a multi-page thread, offering you the opportunity to open page 2, which has nothing on it.

The same thing happened in a thread I started a few weeks ago, and it eventually just resolved itself. I think there is even a thread floating around here in ATMB raising the issue with mine.