PageMaker is to Adobe as (blank) is to Microsoft

Or, without the analogy:
What does Microsoft sell that is comparable* to PageMaker?

*Publisher does, but the people i work for need better.

I’ve been out of the graphics/printing game for a while … but circa early 2001, Microsoft had no comparable software to Pagemaker/Quark/InDesign. Publisher was about as close as they came.

In case your knowledge is as old as mine – Adobe InDesign has taken the place of Adobe Pagemaker. I think InDesign came out in 1999 or 2000.


There is no comparable product to Adobe InDesign/Quark ExPress.


That is, it is a product that was considered to be pretty solid in its area until a larger company (Adobe buying PageMaker from Aldus; Microsoft buying FoxPro from Fox) snarfed it up only to let it languish.

Sorry, I know that’s not really what you were asking (your real question was answered by Garfield226), but it best completes the analogy.

There’s really nothing. Stick with InDesign or QuarkXPress (sic).