Pages loading-up blank. Anyone else?

For the past oh, I don’t know, ten days or so, I’ve had a lot of trouble once I log-in to the Board proper.

When I click on a link, the server will go through its usual hiccups…only to take me to a blank page where it says “Done” on the lower left corner of the window. 'cept of course, the only thing it’s ‘done’ is take me to a blank page where I’ll have to hit “refresh” go through the whole cycle again and only then will the actual page show up.
This happens whether clicking on thread links, replies, or even forums themselves. No, it is not a 100% occurrence rate (I’d guesstimate 40/50% of the time), but it is just one more annoyance – on top of the usual slow response times – and I was wondering if A-it’s just me (and I doubt it since it only happens at this site on any of my 'puters) and B-if you guys were aware of it? Additionally, if you are, what is “it” exactly and can it be fixed?

Many thanks.


Not me.

It’s not just you Red.

Okay, let’s try to figure this out.

What kind of computer are you on? What operating system? What browser are you using, what version of that browser?

Is this more common at certain times of the day? Is is more common in certain areas?

The more information you can give us the more we have to work with on sorting this out.

I see the same thing on occasion but I have an older computer and it sometimes just takes a little longer for the page to render. Maybe a few seconds more but it does all pop in.

Tuva, specs as follow:

Two desktops and a laptop, all running XP Pro and Firefox (latest version).

Older desktop – my son’s HP, forget model number – runs a Pentium 2.2, mine, a Dell Dimension 9150, has a Pentium D running at 3.2Ghz with hyperthreading tech, and my laptop, an HP dv8040t, runs an Intel Centrino Core Duo, T-7200 at 2.0GHz.

Oh, and BTW, I’m on a 756 bps DSL line.

Lastly, the glitch, if that is what is, has improved (faded?) since I originally posted – it’s down to about 10/15 % of the times. As for times and so forth, no, I haven’t noticed any difference.

Lastly, I’ve never tried waiting as you suggest. I get the blank page, I hit “refresh” right away…I’ll give a bit more time when and if it happens next to see what happens.

Thanks in advance.


It happens to me too, the vast majority of the time. Been … maybe a couple of months

Specs: Also using Firefox (Mozilla 1.7.6), on a Win95 machine (yeah, dinosaur, I know…)

I’m behind a firewall too - occasionally this has given me interesting issues with other websites.

Also, what I notice is I don’t actually have to refresh the page - if I minimise it then bring it to the foreground, all is fine. Also if I scroll the page up and down the text in the scrolled-away portion of the window comes back OK.