Paid post grad research opportunity in UK

Well it pays very well, over 31K GBP pa.

Am not sure whether any benefits are included or expenses reimbursed.

Who said the fun stops when you leave university?

Other than that I really don’t know what to say about this job advert.

But am sure this board will

The job sounds fine, but I’m not sure about the being paid well part. It isn’t neccesarilly little, but you’ll probably pay a chunk of income tax (I’m no expert on taxes in the UK, so I don’t know how much) and living in the UK is quite expensive.

I should make clear I’ve never lived in the UK, but have friends and family that do. Also, I make a similar amount (towards the botom of the range given) here in the Netherlands and I don’t think I’m considered to be extremely well off. Ít is more than enough for me though, but almost half my net salary is going to fixed costs.

Job sounds good to me - someone has to be able to provide actual facts and figures into a debate on the sex industry, after all. And £31k is a good salary - particularly in Leeds, which isn’t nearly as expensive as London. (I was earning about that, living in London, and managed perfectly well. You’re not going to own a mansion or anything, but it’s perfectly adequate to live on.) Only downside is that, well, you have to live in Leeds… :wink:

Cor, imagine the field research needed!

“Sorry love, working late again tonight”.