Pain thresholds

Is there a cut-off point for how much pain we can feel? Like, say if you cut off a finger, you’d feel a certain degree of pain; if you then chopped off another one, would the pain necessarily double? Would chopping off ten fingers be ten times as painful? If you chopped an arm off after all that, would it even register?

Do different pains have different thresholds (say the pain of a pierce wound versus a serious burn)?

Can one die solely from pain?

My guess is that at a certain point the body goes into shock and starts to shut down certain bodily functions until you lose consciousness and die. So I’m going to guess “yes” you could die from pain induced shock.

However I’m not a doctor, only someone who has broken some bones and been burnt although so far I haven’t yet died from either pain or shock but I am still fairly young.

I think it depends on who you are and how you handle pain.

Some people feel pain (and pleasure) differently from others.

Some are ticklish. Some are not.

Most of the time you can only feel 1 pain. Have you ever got hurt in 2 places at once? Like falling off your bike and skinning your knee and twisting your ankle? Your brain can only register one pain at one time. If you consciously try to feel one pain, the pain in the other place will decrease.

Men and women handle pain differently too.
Men have higher thresholds where they feel pain. That is, they will ignore a small amount of pain.
Women will much more inconvenienced by a small amount of pain, but, due to their being built for childbirth, they can endure a great deal more pain than men before passing out or dying.