paint on the sidewalk

The house painter spilled paint on our sidewalk. Any ideas of how to get it off?

What type of paint? Oil or latex? Sidewalk material,poured concrete or paving stones? How long has it been on? More information please.

Here are your options:
If they got most of it out right away with water or thinner, then you might be able to soak the area with laquer thinner.

If you have a Sherwin-Williams close by, call them and ask them if they carry a product called “Mason Master.” Other stores might carry this product as well, but I use SW the most.
If it is chunky, or either of those options don’t seem to be working, then apply paint remover.
Either way, after you let the chemical soak, it needs to be power washed. Don’t let them use a little crappy one either. It needs to be a commercial model with a PSI rating of 3000. Have them use a “zero tip” when cleaning the immediate area, and then have them use a 15 degree tip on the entire square.

If they don’t powerwash the entire square, you will see the marks when it dries.
If your sidewalk was really dirty, that single square will come out very clean. Make them powerwash the whole sidewalk:)
…and whatever they do…

…don’t let them use a wire brush. You will never get those marks out.

[sub]and Ihope it wasn’t deep red. that NEVER comes out[/sub]:slight_smile:

So what happened?