Paint removal

I have a paintball marker and its barrel is ported, meaning it has several holes in the length of the barrel to release CO2.

During the course of playing paintball, paint has managed to get into these holes. These holes, which number about 100, are about the width of a guitar string.

Now, I have gotten most of the paint out, but there is still some in the holes… like around the inside of the hole. The best analogy I can think of is its like a pie pan with crust around the sides, but no filling.

Anyway, lame analogies aside, what would be the best/fastest way of cleaning out these several little holes?

Some liquid paint & varnish remover. [CAUTION: Use in a well ventilated area, not in the house or a closed area.]
Apply with a saturated rag stuffed in the barrel and let it soak a while. Remove rag and stuff a clean one in the barrel and remove a few times.
A round stiff bristle tube brush should remove any residue. May need to use tooth picks as a last resort.

Thanks, spingears, but the paint is liquid. Well, sort of. Paintball paint is kind of like a fluidy gel. All I am asking is for an easier way to get it out of the holes than use toothpicks. They would get the job done, but it would be very time consuming.

Can you safely dry-fire a paintball gun without damaging it? Perhaps the CO2 pressure will force the paint loose and out of the holes.

How about cotton swabs or pipe cleaner?

How about a dampened strip of cloth, loosely pushed down the inside of the barrel, then use compressed air with a needle blowgun tip to blast the paint in from the exterior side of the ports, hopefully catching same on the dampened cloth?

Don’t knock it if you aint tried it.
Paint remover will work on the gel stuff real fast. Repeat two or three times and then dry fire if possible of blow out wiht compresed air.

Paintball paint is water-soluble. It’s specifically designed to be easy to clean up. Just soak the barrel in some very hot water for a while–couple hours ought to be more than enough. I’d fill up a tall plastic tumbler with enough hot water so that you can soak just the barrel without getting the the rest of the gun wet.