Paintball- Who da man?

Hey all.

I’m looking into the Paintball ‘xtreme’ :rolleyes: sport for gift purposes this year, and I’m wondering… As Tony Hawk is to skating, is there ‘the guy’ for Paintball?


There are two major sides to paintball; woods (recreational) and tournament.

It’s really not possible for recreational play to have a “Tony Hawk” type character, so that eliminates that side of the arguement…

I pay absolutely no attention to tournament paintball, and only glean certain information. There are a couple names I can think of that might be of note, but there’s no Tony Hawk or Wayne Gretzky that I know of. Try looking up Chris LaSoya (player) Bob Long (ex-player, now coach and marker designer), Greg Hastings (apparently has a video game named after him, though this is the first time I’ve heard the name).

If you are really dedicated, you could try asking in dedicated paintball forums, such as PBNation or PBReview. There are some truly knowledgable people on those forums, but it’s up to you to find them.

Good luck.