Painting Inside of Microwave Oven?

My microwave oven still works fine but the inside of the chamber is horribly rusted because of the moisture generated.

I am thinking of repainting it. What kind of paint is needed? Any special characteristics?


Is it a very very nice microwave otherwise?

Just questioning whether it’s worth it to you.

This page seems to have the answer:

This. Microwave ovens last forever and even then they are quite disposable. New units range from $50-$100. May be better just to buy a new one.

Yeah, I agree. I bought a rather nice one for $65 a few years ago. Although you usually have to haul the old one to a recycler. You can’t just leave the old one on the curb for the trash pickup.

Agree. I’m an apt manager and handyman. Much easier and cheaper just to get a new one.

And a microwave cover will do wonders to help maintain it.

I always leave mine open for a while after using it. Lets the steam dissipate into the room rather than condense on the interior. It’s still going strong after 30+ years.

30+ years! JFC! I probably have bought 20 microwaves in 30 years. How can that be?

Damned if I know. I’ve been expecting it to expire for several years now. It’s the only one I’ve ever owned and I use it every day.

I’m 71 and still on my second microwave. The wife talks about getting a new one every now and then but succumbs to the Glare Of The Clan.


What keeps happening to yours?

My mom has been complaining that her microwave’s keypad goes wonky occasionally. It was purchased in 1975 for $400 (yes, she still has the receipt). She found the model number on the internet, but the keypad is no longer available.