Painting made by AI sells for $432k

should have shredded it to make more cash

Why is that particular painting considered valuable? For a few years now AI-art has solved problems like “paint three kittens and a chamberpot in the style of Jean-Michel Basquiat” on demand. AI music, too.

ETA this article explains (briefly) that ‘the biggest difference between the Obvious portrait and their predecessors’ is the fact that Obvious had theirs printed on canvas and “signed” in the bottom right corner with a mathematical function used to produce it. They also had it extravagantly framed.’ Real artists who work in this field seem bemused by the auction.

maybe the buyer took the red pill?

Because of NS (Natural Stupidity.)

I assume it’s valuable simply because it’s – if the marketing is to be believed – the first AI painting to be sold at auction. I mean, it’s got notoriety now, I suppose. Whether it will hold and remain valuable for this reason alone will remain to be seen.