Painting on plaster - advice

I’ve spent the last few weeks toiling away in my dining room, prepping the walls for a new paint job. There had been some pretty godawful wallpaper on the walls for at least 4 decades, and it was time for a change.

The paper came down incredibly easy. I washed any remaining adhesive off with a wallpaper adhesive goop that worked like a breeze. I plastered over any cracks, chips, and small holes, sanded, and replastered anything that looked rough. This week, I’ll go over the walls again with a vacuum, and wash them down with a damp rag so they’re as dust-free as possible.

What else do I need to do to get them ready for paint? Is there a special primer to use, or will regular primer-in paint work just as well? Any sort of weird treatment the walls need to get them ready? I’m anxious to move on to the next project.

Primer helps to coat/seal the walls, prior to paint but isn’t necessary unless you don’t want to paint the area two or three coats.

Most paints now come in a primer/paint style as well.
My advice: primer the walls
You’ll use less paint and paint is usually quite a bit more expensive than primer.

I would use a primer, especially on an unpainted surface like plaster. The primer sticks better to the plaster. You don’t want your paint to peel off.

This happened to me when we first bought our house. We painted over the previous owners horrific paint job in one room. We covered it up and were removing the tape, when the paint, including his color came off of a wall. I peeled the whole wall and repainted.

Gah! That had to be a nightmare cleanup job.

I suspected priming would be the way to go, despite the Home Depot paint department’s claim that I’d use less paint and spend less money if I just went with the primer/paint stuff. Especially since about a 4’x4’ area is dedicated to about 7 different paint samples…

I use neutral gray primer instead of white. The paint guy just adds a few drops of black tint for free. It seems to even out the final coat, especially if there are multiple colors or finishes being painted over. Which always seems to happen in my 150 year old house.

It was incredibly frustrating as the color we were covering up was a high gloss pig’s blood red which was in a bedroom. The clean up itself was easy since the paint was dry. I was dumbfounded as I thought to myself that this couldn’t be happening, that nobody would just paint on top of plaster without a primer or something. Everything that the previous owner touched was a mess so I shouldn’t be surprised that the paint would have been bad.

I like a primer called Zinsser 1-2-3. It goes on well and isn’t too expensive. It also covered up a garnet that we used in one room in about two coats. Are the walls in question drywall or actually plaster walls? I’ve noticed that plaster walls aren’t as smooth so they seem to need a bit more paint.

Plaster and lathe. Thanks on the brand suggestion - I’ll go with it rather than stare blindly at the full aisle of primer options.