Paintings: Blue Boy and Pinkie

I should think that a discussion of pink for girls, blue for boys should have a sentence or two on the famous 18c(?) paintings, often shown together, called Blue Boy and Pinkie.

Hello janeslogin. Is this the column you are referring to?

Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy and Lawrence’s Pinkie now hang together in the Huntington.

Note that they never appear to have been previously associated until brought together there in the Twenties.

FWIW Cecil was aware of those paintings, as well as suppositions that one or the other had influence on the pink and blue trends. In a late draft I saw he noted it, but apparently ran out of column space to give it mention.

I’ve wondered about that. They had certainly been “paired” by the late 1940s, because my grandmother did two tapestries of them about that time. I have them now, hanging in my dining room. They’re cherished heirlooms.